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“If it’s not Sandorini,
it’s not Greek.”

Who We Are

Sandorini Dairies Inc. began operations in 2016 and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. President Polychronis “Paul” Kostas, along with partner Haralambos “Bob” Broumas and felt a need to fill the ever growing demand for Quality exotic dairy products .

Traditionally, Chlorotyri Feta cheese is the prime, freshest first batch of the Feta cheese process, and is given to the bride from her mother on the famous Santorini Island. It is one of the hardest Feta Cheese varieties to make correctly, but has the best taste and is the most nutritious.

This is how the dairy plant of Santorini Dairies Inc. was born, first as a wholesaler of outstanding Greek Yogurt and Chlorotyri Feta Cheese.

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Sandorini Chlorotyri Feta Cheese has that perfect density which allows you to enjoy it sliced, cubed or crumbled. With a slightly creamy texture and mildly salted flavour you can enjoy it alone or with fresh village bread and Kalamata olives. Try our feta on pizza, bruschetta and of course…Greek Salad!

Sandorini’s Plain Greek Yogurt is all Natural, high in protein and possesses a very thick yet creamy texture. So good that one may enjoy it by itself as a snack. Add in some fresh fruit or muesli/granola or locally produced honey and it may be a meal for some. Nancy loves it with all of the above at the same time, delicious.

Sandorini’s Plain Balkan Style Yogurt has a wonderfully smooth and creamy texture. Ideal when making smoothies, enhancing creamed dressing or enriching the bold flavours in curry sauces.

Sandorini’s Greek Vanilla Yogurt is thick and has a velvety smooth texture with a mildly subtle hint of vanilla. It’s so delicious that we proudly believe it to be “Best in Market”!

What We Produce

We currently have the following products available at stores

Feta Cheese 1kg

Greek Yogurt 750mg and 500mg

Balkan Yogurt 750mg

Greek Vanilla Yogurt 650mg

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